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Army Group South T311 Roll 260
Группы Армий (Army Groups)

Группа Армий "ЮГ"(Heeresgruppe Süd) - архивные немецкие документы, немецкие карты.

Heeresgruppe Süd T311 Roll 260

Ia, Kriegstagebuch, I. Teil. War diary of Operations Officer regarding plans, mission,
tactical activity, and operations of Army Group South, 6th, 11th, and 17th Armies;
the 1st Panzer Army, and the 4th Air Force in preparation for Operation "Barbarossa"
(invasion of Soviet Russia) and the transfer from St. Germain en Laye to Silesia
and Poland. Feb 2 - Jun 21, 1941.

Ia, Ic, Anlagen Nr. 1, 45 u. 76 z. KTB, Teil I. Directives for Operation "Barbarossa";
maps showing the tactical disposition of Russian forces in all the military districts
of European Russia; tables showing units attached to Army Group South and
entraining and detraining areas; order of battle data on Russian units; and
report on Russian fortifications. Jan 31 - May 12, 1941.

Ia, Beilage z. KTB, Teil I, Tagesmeldungen. Daily teletype messages relating to the
tactical activities of Okdo. d. Truppen d. deutschen Heere in Rumania, and Abschnittstabe
Gotzmann and Staufen and Oberbaugruppe Sud in Poland and Rumania.
Apr 22 - Jun 21, 1941.

Ia, Kriegstagebuch, II. Teil, Band 1. War journal describing the beginning of the
attack on the Soviet Union, daily combat activities and progress made along the
Moldau, Dnieper, and Prut Rivers, in the areas of Rava Ruska, the Stalin Line,
Bialopol, and Orgejev, the capture of Lembergs and preparations for the attack on
Kiev. Also includes information on decisions and directives for the continuation
of operations. Jun - Jul 1941

Ia, Kriegstagebuch, II. Teil., Band 1., War journal regarding plans, operations, and
activities of Army Group South units and enemy capabilitiesc Areas of activity:
Poland, Bessarabia, and the Ukraine. Jun 22 - Jul 15, 1941.

Ic, Sonderakte Lagebericht Ost I. Reports relating to the enemy tactical situation
along the Army Groups South, Center, and North fronts, and the Finnish front.
Jun 26 - Jul 15, 1941.




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