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Army Group South T311 Roll 263
Группы Армий (Army Groups)

Группа Армий "ЮГ"(Heeresgruppe Süd) - архивные немецкие документы, немецкие карты.

Heeresgruppe Süd T311 Roll 263

Ia, Friegstagebuch, Teil II, Band 5 Anlagen 1151-1246. Orders, reports, and teletype
messages concerning the tactical mission, operations, and situation. Information
on the results of reconnaissance missions. Appraisals of the enemy tactical situation.
Directives concerning neasures to be taken during winter 1941/42 to insure
an adequate supply of ammunition, rations, clothing, and other equipment. Report
on the economic and industrial situations in the Kharkov area, Oct 1941.

Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Teil III, Band 1. Reports pertaining to the tactical situation,
activities, and operations of Army Group South units in the Crimea and the Rostov-Temerink
areas, and daily reports on the enemy situation along Army Group South front. Nov 1 - 30, 1941.

Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Teil III, Band. 2. Duplicate of item No. 17236/20.

Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Teil III, Band 3. Duplicate of item No. 17236/25.

O.Qu., Kriegstagebuch Nr. 2, Versorgungsbezirk Sud. War diary relating to supply service,
organization, administration, and commitment of supply units in occupied Poland, and the
Kirovograd and Berdichev areas. Aug 16 - Dec 31, 1941

O.Qu., Besondere Anlage 1 z. KTB Nr. 2, Versorgungsbezirk Sud. Special orders for O.Qu.
activities in Supply District South in the Ukraine. Aug 16 - Nov 17, 1941.




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